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Oconee Academy  provides services to students in grades seven through twelve who are experiencing difficulty at their home school. Students with frequent discipline problems and academic deficiencies are considered for acceptance into the program. These students are identified as those that interfere with the learning of other class members and refuse to follow the School District Discipline Code. The information below addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about Oconee Academy.

School day - 7:55am to 2:30pm

Oconee Academy is not a choice model

  • The Director of Student Services/Hearing Officer determines all student placements for OA
  • It serves students, in grades 7-12,  in lieu of expulsion from SDOC middle and high schools 

Students served remain students of their home school

  • Grades and attendance are maintained in PowerSchool and can be accessed through the same parent or student login
  • A Guidance counselor from their home school still progress monitor students' IGP goals and course work toward graduation requirements
  • A student's schedule will be accommodated when possible; however, a student may lose courses if OA does not offer a course they were enrolled in at their home school

Transportation, lunch and breakfast are provided

  • A student's School Pay account is still active
  • A student who does not qualify for free meals will still be required to pay for meals while attending OA
  • All bus transportation will be to communal bus stops based on the area where the student lives

Parent/Guardian and Student must attend intake meeting to Discuss Program Expectations including

  • Detailed dress code
  • Communal Bus Stops
  • No cellular divides
  • No student drivers

Students are assigned for an initial 45 day period

  • Students are eligible for a transition meeting after 45 days if adequate progress is being made in the following areas: academics, attendance, and behavior
  • Results of transition meeting will determine if a student is able to return to their home school