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Welcome to Oconee Academy

Welcome to the Oconee Academy. We are glad to have you here! The School District of Oconee County has worked diligently to provide a program that offers an alternative to the traditional middle and high school setting. The OA faculty and staff are committed to providing opportunities where all students grow and be successful upon transitioning back to their home school.

The Oconee Academy Alternative Program provides services to students in grades seven through twelve who are experiencing difficulty at their home school. Students with frequent discipline problems and academic deficiencies are considered for acceptance into the program. These students are identified as those that interfere with the learning of other class members and refuse to follow the School District Discipline Code. Enrollment into the program is decided by administration at a student's home school, and by the Director of Student Services. Students attending this program receive intense instruction in "Life Skills" and are placed on a behavior management system. Students will normally attend this program for a minimum of one semester. Transportation and lunch are provided.